How to add Java arguments to CJE Operations Center?


  • Don’t know how to add/update Java arguments to CJE - Operations Center


  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise (CJE) Operations Center


Edit Java Properties from the file $PROJECT/operations/ $OPERATION/config being:

$PROJECT: The Root of CJE project
$OPERATION: Depends when you wish to edit the Java Properties:

  • Before the cluster is up: <TIMESTAMP>-cluster-init
  • After the cluster is up: <TIMESTAMP>-cjoc-update

## Application memory in MB
# The java heap size needs to be adjusted separately via the jvm_options (see below)
# memory = 1536

## JVM options
# Always set the Xmx value to at least 512m less than the memory attribute
# If CJOC becomes unavailable at some point after applying the update it is likely caused by a Xmx value too high
jvm_options = -XX:+PrintGCDetails

## CPU reservation/allocation
# cpus = 0.2

## Disk size in GB
# disk = 

## Custom docker image tag
# docker_image = cloudbees/cje-oc:


1.- Follow the recommendations on the config file according to your cje version (1.6.3 in my the above example).
2.- Do not forget to cje apply to apply a staged operation.

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