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JobConfigHistory Plugin Best Practices



  • Subhabrata Sarkar

    This was very useful for me, thanks

  • Judah Greenblatt


    "Show build badges": the recommended setting is missing - from context I think this should be "Never".

    "Do not save duplicate history" is very confusing.  Yes, it needs to be DISABLED to improve performance.  However, this allows config-history to save duplicates, which increases disk space.  Not much that can be done without changing the plugin itself, though.

    "Max number of history entries to keep":  Reading the code shows that the number of entries is applied per config file (job, node, or global configuration file).  1000 seems excessive for history entries for a single file/node/job.  I would think that 20-100 would be more reasonable.

    "Max number of days to keep history entries": There seems to be a bug in this plugin where this setting is applied to jobs at the top-level only - it is not applied to jobs inside folders.  I'm trying to file a bug against the plugin to get this fixed.

  • Richard Dalton

    Great article, I didn't realise the importance of these settings!


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