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How do I setup OKTA as Identity Provider in Jenkins?



  • James Gonzalez

    Very helpful thank you. However, the groups aren't being pulled into Jenkins.

  • Dave Johnson

    This is a very useful article and, after some fiddling around, was able to get this working, and with group support. 

    Note: it is very important that the Okta setting "Audience URI (SP Entity ID)" match the Jenkins SAML Plugin's Advanced Setting named "SP Entity ID" and if they do not match you will get an error like this "org.pac4j.saml.exceptions.SamlException: No valid subject assertion found in response"

  • Atchut Gare

    If I am using "Anyone can do Anything" the login is not proper. I can even open if I am not an OKTA user. But if I select any other option in this section, the login page is going into an infinite loop. Please help me with this.

  • Gopi P

    After creating Jenkins app in OKTA and configuring "SAML 2.0" in Jenkins accordingly. When i click on "login" in Jenkins UI; redirect between OKTA and JENKINS happen continuously and never showed the UI.
    Any info on this? Any other configs need to be done other than what ever mentioned on this page.
    James Gonzalez seems like this worked for you. Did you had to do extra configurations!!!

  • Gabsi Aymen

    Is there any possibility to change the saml plugin certificate to use our own certificate for signing the requests?

  • Denys Digtiar

    Hi Gabsi,

    If I understand you correctly, this should be possible via the Advanced section of the configuration.

    See Encryption section in the 

  • Pintokumar1608 Pintokumar1608

    I configured the Jenkins in OKTA as mentioned in the docs, but there is a two different behavior for uesrs, for me and other 3 users. I m getting the "Page can't be located" and other users keep going back to okta home page. Only difference between them and myself is that I m having the Admin privileges to OKTA. We are also doing the copy n paste of the metadata file from the XML from OKTA and it is validating the xml.

    Any suggestions?


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