Support Policy for CloudBees Jenkins Team

CloudBees Jenkins Team is composed of Jenkins core and its plugins:

Software Updates and Fixes

CloudBees Jenkins Team releases in approximately every 4-8 weeks. These releases are called rolling releases. Customers consume new features and fixes with each rolling release. The release may include updates to the core, the plugins layer or both.

Customers upgrade a release to the latest rolling release and CloudBees ensures that it has tested upgrades from a release to the latest one. We endeavor to provide a 9-month window to release for upgrades. The recommended best practice from CloudBees is to upgrade to every new release (most customers upgrade a release to the next every 3-6 month period).


Jenkins core

The core release version is based on a Jenkins Long Term Support (LTS) version produced by the community.


Jenkins has a vast and ever-growing plugin ecosystem. CloudBees has put together the CloudBees Assurance Program (CAP) to help customers consume new plugins, fixes in a safe manner.

CAP assures the level of safety of a plugin using three tiers. Plugins in Tiers 1 are considered “verified” as posing the least risk to an installation’s stability, while Tier 2 plugins are only considered “compatible” with other plugins in the context of a CloudBees Jenkins Team installation, but may still contain some use-case breaking issues and are therefore has known risks than Verified plugins.


Tier 3 plugins carry an unknown level of risk and include all plugins not classified by CloudBees into Tiers 1 or 2. Plugins in Tiers 1 or 2 may also be dropped into Tier 3 if they become too unstable for safe use in a CloudBees Jenkins Team environment.

We provide bug fixes and support for Tier 1 and 2, whereas Tier 3 plugins are supported on a commercially reasonable basis. Support for tier 3 plugins usually consists of guidance on using the plugins. We don’t prioritize or provide bug fixes for Tier 3 plugins.

We continue to expand Tier 1 and 2 plugins regularly. We do not entertain feature requests for plugins.

Support Lifecycle and Update Policies for CloudBees Jenkins Team 

CloudBees Jenkins Team

Support on a rolling release encompasses the following: 

  • Bug and security fixes 
    • Severity 1 (S1) and Severity 2 (S2) security fixes are subject to a risk assessment by the CloudBees engineering team and/or community contributors when the bug is found in an open source component.
    • Non-security bug fixes are subject to a risk assessment by the CloudBees engineering team and/or community contributors when the bug is found in an open source component.
  • Features and suggestion
    • Suggestions on new features are subject to an evaluation against the product roadmap by CloudBees product managers and a risk assessment by CloudBees engineers.
    • New features will be available only in the latest release in this line
  • Compatibility and upgrades
    • We endeavor to maintain compatibility of functionality between older and newer releases of components of CloudBees Jenkins Team that are nine-months-old and newer.
    • We endeavor to maintain verified upgrade paths from older to a newer release of CloudBees Jenkins Team rolling releases, with verified paths being tested between versions that are nine months old, up to the latest release.
  • Support will not encompass the following:
    • CloudBees does not provide patches on a release. Customers are expected to move to the rolling release that contains the fix.
  • Releases provided by: 
    • CloudBees, as CloudBees Jenkins Team releases.

You can read more about the CloudBees Plugin Tiers and their support policies here.


Support levels and response times

Support levels and response times covered here.

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