Pipeline Learning Path


  • I am new to Jenkins Pipeline. What’s the best way to get familiar with Pipeline, and what’s the best approach to get started and create new Pipeline projects?


  • Jenkins
  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise - Managed Master (CJEMM)
  • CloudBees Jenkins Team (CJT)
  • CloudBees Jenkins Platform - Client Master (CJPCM)
  • Pipeline plugin


Getting Started

Please see The Need for Jenkins Pipeline for a high-level overview which includes some illustrations. This might be especially useful if you wish to present Pipeline to your application team(s), your engineers, or other internal groups and end users (e.g. “customers”) of your application.

Much of the functionality, features, and some great examples of Jenkins Pipeline can be found on the Pipeline Book. Currently, the are 2 types: Scripted and Declarative Pipeline, the Pipeline roadmap is moving towards the Declarative Pipeline as reference. Nevertheless, most of the Scripted steps can be integrated with Declarative Pipeline within a step section.

If you are looking for details regarding the various pieces which make up Jenkins Pipeline, that can be found on the Pipeline Plugin page, and there’s a pretty good README page. Besides, there is a repo which contains Scripted Pipeline examples that can be used.

Advanced Topics

CloudBees University

We offer to CloudBees customer a set of pipeline training courses/labs. Please contact to your CSM.

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