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How to Trigger Multibranch Jobs from Bitbucket Cloud?



  • Daniel Holmes

    Is there a method for doing the hook portion of this via Bitbucket Server?

  • Allan Burdajewicz


    For Bitbucket Server, it requires that you install a specific add-on in Bitbucket. Have a look at How to Trigger Multibranch Jobs from Bitbucket Server.


  • Yrsurya Br

    Is there a way to work with Jenkins which is in private network ( not exposed outside web) only works through VPN ?

    one option is to allow bitbucket into our network which cant be done, Is there any other way?

  • Matt Reed

    When I follow these directions to create a new Bitbucket Team/Project, the project pulls in my repos to Jenkins, so i know it has the access setup correctly.


    but when i change a file in bitbucket and commit, it doesn't trigger the build. 

    any thoughts on what i might be missing? 

  • Denys Digtiar

    Yrsurya Br

    Another way is to research available webhook relays/proxies. For example

  • Denys Digtiar

    Matt Reed

    It sounds like the Webhook is not registered or Bitbucket cannot reach Jenkins. 


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